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Flowcore Wiki


The Flowcore CLI uses your Flowcore account to authenticate and authorize you to perform various actions. This guide will show you how to login with your Flowcore account.

Login with the Flowcore CLI

You can login with the Flowcore CLI using the following command.

flowcore login

This will open a browser window and prompt you to login with your Flowcore account. Once you have logged in, you can close the browser window and return to the terminal.


If you are hosting something on the port that the Flowcore CLI wants to use, you can specify a different port using the configuration command. Running the following command will prompt you to enter a new port number.

flowcore config set --port

Login with Client Credentials (Service Account)

You can also login with the client credentials flow using the following command.

flowcore config set -c <client_id> -n <client_secret>

This will set the client ID and client secret in the configuration file. You can then use the following command to login

flowcore login

If you do not want to override the existing configuration, you can use the FLOWCORE_CLIENT_ID and FLOWCORE_CLIENT_SECRET environment variables. They will always have precedence over the configuration file.

export FLOWCORE_CLIENT_ID=<client_id>
export FLOWCORE_CLIENT_SECRET=<client_secret>

flowcore login

Early Access

This feature is currently in early access, to get access to the client credentials flow, you need to contact the Flowcore team. Please contact us at to request access.

This functionality requires version 2.12.0 or higher.