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Flowcore Wiki

Create a Data Core

Do you have an account?

You will have to have created an account with flowcore before you can create a Data Core. If you have not done so, please follow the instructions here.

Do you know what a data core is?

If not, then you should read about them here.

  1. Navigate to the organisation you want to create the Data Core for.

  2. Click on the Create Data Core button.

Pointing at the create data core button
  1. Name your Data Core
    Optionally give it a description
Showing the create data core dialog

You can buy private data cores with a basic subscription

Bear with us. This is a change that is being worked on. 🚧 You can in fact purchase additional private data core slots with a BASIC subscription.

  1. Click Create Data Core

  2. And there you go! 🎉 You have now created a data core.

The next step is then to create flow types and event types.